Yarralumla Play Station

Mini Farm Friends



At the Yarralumla Play Station our mission is to provide a unique, fun, educational and engaging animal experience in a supportive and caring environment. Our animals are free to roam their enclosures and if they choose, interact with our visitors. All our animals are friendly, locally sourced, and hand raised with lots of love and affection on our property.

The health and wellbeing of our animals is VERY important to us. This is why we do not remove baby animals from their mothers. We only have baby animals that are either weaned or rescued due to them being rejected or orphaned. Our Farm Friends are suitable for all occasions and all ages, offering a hands on experience with expert and passionate animal handlers. Our staff are friendly and happy to answer any questions which just adds to the great experience!

To see our furry friends you take a leisurely train ride to "Farm Station", where you disembark and are free to wonder around for as long as you like (see train page for pricing).  In our farm you will see Ponies, Sheep, Lambs, Miniature Pigs, Alpacas, Miniature & Dwarf Goats, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinnea Fowl, a variety of Chickens and Birds and of course our Miniature Galloway Cow.

Enquire today about having a PARTY & PAT, FARM PARTY :-)  See the parties page for pricing and inclusions.

Why choose our Farm Friends

Join the fight against animal cruelty by choosing wisely when you book your next petting zoo, pony or animal hire. Our animals are kept in the best conditions and environments, their welfare being our greatest and top priority.

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